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KDG Industrial is at the fore front of manufacturing supplies with the best products, prices, and service in aerospace, jewelry, plastics, anything manufacturing

KDG Industrial was founded in San Diego, California USA, to support the increasing demand of equipment and supplies for the plastics and metal stamping industries in the American Southwest, and the metal stamping industry in the Mexican Northwest markets.

Smart Shipping

With a reliable revolutionary, effective shipping, and drop shipping, we are sure your business will never have a downtime.

Cross Border

Mexican plastics industry to be served October 2022.

Live Support

With a a dedicated call center team working by your side just a phone call away we will support your business with orders, product information, and support.


We have been involved in manufacturing, supply procurement field for many years, we are aware that the unexpected can happen. Expedited shipping and drop shipments can help you to salvage the situation. We will be there for you.

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